A process that leads to your unique illustration

A creative process is never the same and involves different phases. This depends on the type of illustration or design and on your requirements. However, I always go through a number of steps. Of course, there are also various moments for feedback.


Discussing wishes

To map everything out, we first discuss all the wishes. This can be done on-site, by phone, or via email, whichever you prefer. Once I am clear on what you would like, I will create a suitable quote. This can still be fine-tuned. When you agree to the quote, I will start working.


Rough sketch

Firstly, I start with sketching. This is often done using photos that you provide. Usually, I make multiple rough sketches and doodles. From those, I choose 1 or 2 to further develop. When my sketch is finalized, I send it over for feedback. Adjustments can still be made to the sketch until it is completely satisfactory.


Digital drafting

Once the sketch has been approved, the next phase begins: digital development. I work on this in different programs and digitize the sketch. The colors are determined and additional details are added. Depending on your wishes, I can give the illustration extra structure and shadows. I will then send the result for feedback.



Depending on what is agreed upon, I make sure that the files are in the correct dimensions. An illustration can essentially be printed as large as you want. You can choose to only receive a digital file and work with it yourself. However, there are also many options for printing, such as cards, buttons, bags, books, wallpaper, etc. I can also arrange all of this for you.

Curious about the possibilities?

Do you want to know what I can do for you? Or do you have a question? Then contact me and together we will explore the options. You can obtain the illustration digitally or let me take care of the printing. With my graphic background, I can easily help you set up the correct files for production or online use.

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