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At another view you’re at the right place. I’m happy to help you put your wishes on paper. Think, for example, of a unique illustration of your pet or family. Better than a photo, because no one has red eyes and everyone is recognizable in their own way.

I love nothing more than making you happy with my illustrations. That’s why it’s important that they fit. Do you want a personalized illustration? I’m happy to think along with you about the design.

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Digitally elaborating

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I have to confess... I didn't come up with this illustration, it was completely the idea of my boyfriend (I mean, fiance, still forgetting to say that right 😂).

He came up with the quote andere idea that I had to illustrate it with a squirrel. After I had drawn a cute squirrel on a tree trunk, I got the instruction that the squirrel really had to be sitting in a tree with all its acorns and books. So I decided to listen. And here you have one of the most popular designs from the new autumn collection! The bookmark with this design is selling like crazy! So I want to thank my fiance for this. Love you sweetie ♥️

#squirrelillustration #bookhoarder #autumnart #fallvibes #bookmarks #autumncollection
The favorite season is here 🍁🍂🍄
And I wanted to show off my new collection with cozy autumn stuff 🎃

These are all available via my store: www.joinanotherview.nl/shop or clicking the link in my bio!

Any questions? Please leave a comment or send a dm and I am happy to help you out! ♥️🎃

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It’s official 🍁🍂🍄

#helloautumn #autumnishere #cozyseason #fallishere #leavesarefalling

You can check out all the new items via the link in my bio.

I always post a day after I launch so the newsletter subscribers can have a look first. But when it was launched yesterday, I got SO MANY orders. I want to thank you for that 🥰
Some of the designs in these pictures are sold out, but I will restock them this weekend and share it in my stories as soon as I do so keep an eye out for that.

Other important info:

• My mug design sold out completely in one day, so I changed it into a pre-order. I will print some new ones and they will arrive around October 6. If you want to be sure to have a mug, PLEASE pre-order.
• The tote bags are also up for pre-order (and pre-order only). They will arrive by the end of October. You have 2 weeks to pre-order them, then they will go offline and won’t return. So pre-orders are the only way.
• Please keep in mind if you order bookmarks, for example, with your pre-order, I will ship them all together. So you’ll have to wait for your whole order.

That’s it for now! I will go and pack some more orders because you guys just don’t stop. 🤣♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

#newcollection #newbookmarks #autumncollection #autumnbookmarks #autumnart #autumnstuff
I'm almost done with everything I need to do to get the new collection online! Today, the final item with this design will arrive. What is it? You can already find it on the shop page because the banner has already been updated to a version with the new products!

I expect the collection to go online tomorrow, and as soon as it happens, I'll send a newsletter with all the updates. Don't want to miss out? Then quickly sign up via the link in my bio! 💌

#update #fall #pumpkins #readers #shopupdate #autumncollection
My favorite illustration of the new collection and maybe even ever? It’s filled with all kind of details. My beloved pets, even Yoshi who sadly died last June, a lot of books, coziness and a hot drink (in my case tea). The perfect autumn day 😍

It will be available as a bookmark and art print (A5) soon! 🍁🍂🎃

Sharing this in your stories would be much appreciated so I this piece gets the love it deserves 🙏🏻♥️

#autumncolors #autumncollection #autumnart #cozyillustration #fallartwork #reading #leavesarefalling #bookaddict #newfiedog #cozycats
Okay I plannend to only post autumn themed stuff but I had to share this cute illustration with you! Baby Sophie was born this month and I made the birth announcement. She got 2 big babysitters watching her ♥️

Swipe to see the full design ➡️

#geboortekaartjes #geboortekaartjeopmaat #dogsillustration #newbaby #babygirl #meisjegeboren #illustratiegeboortekaartje
I finished my autumn collection! 🍁🎃🍂

So finally everything went into production and I can’t wait to show it to you! Now it’s time to list the new products on the website, write some texts and stuff. And wait till I can make some nice product pictures.

I am planning to finish this all at the beginning of next week. So hopefully you have a little more patience with me 🙈

Tell me, are you excited?

#sneakpeek #autumncolors #autumncollection #autumnbookmarks #reading #cozyillustration #cutecat #rainydays #fallartwork
I promise the new collection will arrive very very soon but this classic from 2 years ago is also selling really good these last 2 weeks! 🍂🍁☕️

If you want to get notified as soon as the autumn collection launches you can sign up for my newsletter, link in bio 😁💌

#bookmarks #fallbookmarks #autumnbookmarks #warmtea #autumnleaves #readingtime #readingaddict
This sketch took 2 hours in real life 😂👻

Mentally I am so done with summer and hot temperatures. I just want to move on to the cozy days. Rain and falling leaves. Going for walks and then have a cup of tea to warm up again 

Tell me I am not the only one right?! 😂

#autumnwhereareyou #fallisintheair #autumnmood
And here is the Sister witch! I went for a bit more autumn themed instead of Halloween with all the leaves and florals! Both will be available as a bookmark and artprint soon! And maybe a totebag? 🤔 what do you think?

#witchesbrew #witchessociety #autumnwitch #autumngirl #autumnillustration #fallingleaves #digitalart #autumnartwork
This is the first witch! 😍🧙🏻‍♀️
The original sketch was from 2 years ago so I am happy that I finally finished the piece! 
She has a sister now who I will post tomorrow! 👻🎃

#witch #witching #magicspells #witchyvibes #illustrationartists #witchart #witchesbrew
🍂🍁 S E P T E M B E R 🍁🍂

And here is my first real autumn illustration. This will be available soon as a bookmark, art print and maybe a totebag? What do you think?

#september #autumnvibes #leavesarefalling #reading #books #newcollection #comingsoon #gingergirl #witchybooks #bookshelf
Tijdens mijn vakantie (en nu nog!) kreeg ik zoveel berichtjes van mensen of ik deze boekenleggers voor @boekenwereld heb gemaakt. En het antwoord is ja! 😍 deze illustraties maakte ik in opdracht en daar heb ik erg van genoten! 🥳
Ik weet het niet zeker maar volgens mij ontvang je ze gratis bij een bestelling mocht je ze willen 😍

#boekenleggers #boekenleggerontwerp #boekenillustratie #boekenlezen #lezenisleuk
HAPPY RELEASE DAY @reneeoz52 🥳

Okay and I already did exact this reel before but I just love the reveal like this so why not do it with another design right? 😂😎

Let me know whatnot think of this one!! 

#pubday #bookrelease #newbook #bookdesign #bookcoverdesign #bookcoverillustration #boekomslag #boekcover
I’m back! The 3-week break is over and I didn’t miss Instagram as much as I thought I would 😎

I noticed that a bunch of new followers joined while I was away (and some left, but who's counting?).

To welcome both new and old followers, I'd like to share some random things about myself that can be seen in this photo, so you can get to know me a bit better 🥰

The tattoo 🌺 on my arm doesn't have any meaning, and some people find it weird because tattoos are supposed to have meaning. But I simply love the work of @birdsofparadise.ink.

I'm wearing a bracelet with my zodiac sign ♊️. Geminis are typically known for their communication skills and social nature, but I don't see myself fitting that description. I am, however, very curious, which is also characteristic of a Gemini.

I'm enjoying a high tea here, which combines two of my favorite things: drinking tea and eating sweets 🍫.
Only the book is missing! But again, that wouldn’t be very social right? 😂

This photo was taken by my bestie @berby4562. We've known each other since we were 4 years old when she moved across the street 👯‍♀️.

I'm wearing a Rolling Stones shirt, but I'm not a huge fan and I've never seen them live. My favorite band is @needtobreathe, and I've been waiting since I was 16 years old to see them live when they finally tour Europe again. 👵

Hope you liked it, and I would love to know more about you or why you started following me! ♥️

#welcomepost #iamback #holidayisover #selfietime #drinkingtea
Yes, it's finally here. I'm going to enjoy my well-deserved vacation. Tonight, I'll delete Instagram from my phone and see how going completely offline feels. But who knows, maybe I'll still pop up in my stories occasionally. Just going with what feels right.

See you in a few weeks!
Corneel + Anna van WIE ZONDER ZONDE IS 📖📚

@emma.anna_author brengt eind dit jaar haar eerste boek bij @aprilbooks.nl uit en ze vroeg mij om de 2 hoofdpersonen te illustreren. 😍 ze zijn weer zo leuk geworden! Heeeel benieuwd naar dit boek! Ik moest sowieso heel snel eens iets van Emma lezen want dat heb ik nog niet gedaan 🙈

Zijn jullie ook al zo benieuwd naar dit verhaal?

#hoofdpersonen #illustrationartists #portretillustratie #boekillustratie #wiezonderzondenis #nieuwboek
Little Rosie is born and I had the pleasure of illustrating this cute family on their motorbike 😍🏍
Next to the cards I also designed a birth sign. Swipe to check out the illustration and the result of the sign!👶🏻

#babygirl #ababyisborn #geboortekaartje #geboortebord #geboorteillustratie #kaartjeopmaat
Question: how good are you in multitasking? The feedback of my fiancé on this illustration was that this would end in a terrible accident 😂 what do you think? 

Ps. Bookmarks still available in the shop. Link in bio ♥️

#rollerskate #rollerskating #girlsrollers #reading #booklovers #multitalented #digitalart
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