An illustration of your pet

Making your pet sit still for a great photo? That’s not so easy. But this illustration doesn’t require your pet to pose. A few non-perfect photos are enough to make a perfect illustration.

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Pet illustration examples

Your pet, your design

Your animal also has its preferences. Maybe your animal loves the woods, a particular basket or a special toy. These can also be included in the illustration.

  • An illustration of your dog, cat or turtle?
  • With a name or quote?
  • With favorite toys?
  • With or without background?

More than an illustration

Creating the illustration is the first step. But you can do all kinds of things with it. Do you want it printed? This can be done on a variety of materials, such as canvas, Plexiglas and wallpaper. I am happy to help you with this as well.


''Anouk turns your own thoughts for an illustration or sketch into something wonderful! I am so happy and proud with result!''

Fieke Looijenga |

Would you like an illustration of your pet?

Want to have your pet immortalized in a unique way? Or would you like to know more? Contact us for options or request a quote right away.

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Your pet is more than just an animal; it is a part of your family, a friend and a companion. Have you ever thought of immortalizing this special relationship in a pet illustration?

A pet drawing is a wonderful way to capture your pet’s unique personality and charm. Whether you have a loyal dog, a sly cat, a happy bird or an exotic reptile, I can create an illustration that captures the essence of your pet.


The process of having a pet portrait created is a collaboration between you and me. I listen to your stories about your pet, learn about their unique behaviors and traits, and use this information to create an illustration that truly reflects who they are.

The end result is more than just a picture; it is a celebration of the bond you have with your pet. It’s a memory you can cherish even after your pet is gone.


In addition, I can help you present your pet illustration in a variety of ways. Whether you want a print on canvas to hang on your wall, or a digital version to share on social media, I can help you find the perfect way to display your illustration.

Having a pet portrait taken is an experience as unique and special as your pet itself. From the initial conversation to the moment you have the finished illustration in your hands, I am there to guide and support you.

Immortalize your pet in a unique Illustration

So whether you are looking for a unique gift, want a way to celebrate the special bond you have with your pet, or just want a lasting memory of your pet, having a pet portrait done is a wonderful choice.

Contact me today to find out how I can immortalize your pet in a beautiful, handmade illustration.

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