A special birth announcement card

A birth is a special moment. And you want a moment like that immortalized. Not with a standard card, but with an illustration that suits you, your child and family.

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Unique examples illustrated birth announcements

Your wish, my mission

Creating an illustration and card that fit perfectly is my mission.

  • Would you like a portrait of your brand-new family?
  • An illustration of a children’s story?
  • An illustration featuring your pets?
  • A card in the colors of the baby’s room?

This and much more is all possible.

More than a map

The map is the first step. But you may also want other unique items, such as envelopes, closure stickers and posters. I am happy to help you with this as well.

And aren’t you part of the family? Then a personalized illustration of the family is a fantastic and unique maternity gift.


''A beautiful personal design with lots of character.''

Lianne Zwiers

Do you want a unique illustrated birth announcement card?

Want to announce the birth of your child with a unique invitation? Or would you like to know more to tie the knot? Contact us for options or request a quote right away.

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As an illustrator, I understand that a birth announcement is much more than just an announcement of a new addition to the family. It is a beautiful expression of the joy, expectation and love that comes with the arrival of a new life. By offering my services as a birth announcement illustrator, I help families express their emotions in a unique and personal way. I not only create an artistic design for the card, but also contribute to a warm, inviting atmosphere that stimulates the recipient’s curiosity and joy.


I am fully aware that creating a family birth announcement illustration is a process that requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. I strive to capture the unique characteristics of each family member in the drawing while reflecting the loving bond and harmony between them. This provides a wonderful way to capture a snapshot of your family at this special moment in your lives – a lasting memory that can be proudly shared with friends and family.


As an experienced illustrator with a background in drawing family portraits, I have the sensitivity and insight to capture your family’s unique dynamics on paper. I work closely with you to ensure that the illustration reflects exactly what you want to convey. I offer suggestions on styles and techniques and guide you through the process, with the goal of creating a final product you can be proud of.

Inspired and convinced?

Feeling inspired and ready to create a unique, personalized birth announcement card? Then contact me today. Let’s celebrate this special milestone together.

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