A personal portrait

A portrait you always look good in? It can be done. On a personal portrait, you don’t have to deal with red eyes and open mouths. Unless that’s exactly what you want, of course.

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Portrait illustration examples

Your wish, my mission

So many people, so many wishes. My portraits are cartoon-like, with recognizable details. My mission? Making the portrait so that you recognize yourself and another person in it.

  • Would you like a portrait of yourself?
  • A portrait of you and your partner?
  • A business portrait for your company?
  • A portrait with your pet?
  • With or without background?

More than a portrait illustration

Creating the portrait is the first step. But you can do all kinds of things with it. Do you want it printed? This can be done on a variety of materials, such as canvas, Plexiglas and wallpaper. I am happy to help you with this as well.


''The illustration has exceeded all my expectations. Very cool! The colors are beautiful and so is the illustration.''

Marloes van Haften | Msmarloes.com

Do you want a personal portrait?

Wondering what you look like as a cartoon? Or would you like to know more? Contact us for options or request a quote right away.

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