A process that leads to your unique illustration

A creative process is never the same and has several stages. This depends on the type of illustration or design and your requirements. But I always go through a number of steps. Of course, there are also different times for feedback.


Discuss wishes

To map everything out, we first discuss all the requirements. This can be on site, by phone or by mail, just what you are comfortable with. Am I clear on what you like? Then I will make an appropriate quotation first. This one can still be fine-tuned. When you agree to the quote, I get to work.


Rough hand sketch

First, I start sketching. This is often based on photos you provide. I usually make several rough sketches and scribbles. Of these, I choose 1 or 2 to develop further. When my sketch is worked out, I send it in for feedback. All kinds of adjustments can be made to the sketch until it is completely satisfactory.


Digital editing

Once the sketch is approved, the next phase begins: digital detailing. I get to work in different programs and digitize the sketch. Colors are determined and additional details are also added. Depending on your needs, I can add additional texture and shading to the illustration. I send the result back for feedback.



Depending on what was agreed upon, I make sure the files are at the correct dimensions. Basically, an illustration can be printed as large as you want. You can choose to receive only a digital file. You can continue to work on that yourself. But there are also many opportunities for printing. Think cards, buttons, bags, books, wallpaper, etc. I can also arrange all this for you.

Curious about the possibilities?

Want to know what I can do for you? Or do you have a question? Then get in touch and together we will see what the possibilities are. You can take the illustration digitally or let me handle the printing. Because of my graphic design background, I can easily help you set up the right files for production or online use.

Requesting a quote I have a question

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