A unique moving card

A move is a milestone. You have found a new place under the sun. And what better way to notify people than with a unique moving card?

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Unique examples

Your home, your design

Every home and décor are different. And just as you can decorate a house to suit your taste, you can have a card designed to suit you.

  • Want a stylish design?
  • A sleek design?
  • A portrait for the house?
  • A portrait in the living room?

More than a map

The map is the first step. But you may also want other unique items, such as envelopes closing stickers and posters. I am happy to help you with this as well.

And aren’t you the one moving? Then a personalized illustration is a fantastic and unique housewarming gift.


''Anouk made an illustration of our new house. He is completely satisfactory and she thought well of it!''

Kim van der Pol

Do you want a unique moving card?

Would you also like to sign for a unique moving card? Or would you like to know more to tie the knot? Contact us for options or request a quote right away.

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