As a business owner, you want to be recognizable. Personal branding is an important part of that. I can help you create that recognizable stamp. What are your core values and identity and how can we make them visual? Based on this, I can provide a logo or visual brand, complete corporate identity or color advice.

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Not just a logo

A logo is a strong foundation for your branding, but of course you can expand it. The clearer your branding, the more recognizable you are.

  • Do you want secondary logos?
  • A pictorial mark?
  • A favicon for your website?
  • A business card?
  • Your own color palette?
  • Specific icons for your website or Instagram stories?
  • Social media banners?

The possibilities are almost endless. Check out my previous work to see examples.

And do you already have a branding? Then I can create illustrations to match, such as social media content, a unique portrait or a new logo.

Need printing?

A unique logo is something you want to show off. Not only online, but also with print materials. Thanks to my graphic design background, I can easily help you set up the right files for production. As desired, I can provide only the formatting or also arrange printing. Everything to arrive at the perfect final product.


''Anouk designed a logo for me for my Guest Parenting Care. It is completely to my liking. All the ideas came together into an original design.''

Kim Scheurs | The Wish Tree

Do you want unique branding?

Do you also want to be recognizable in a way that suits you? And would you like to know exactly what I can do for you? I’m happy to draw it out for you. Contact us for options.

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