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Bookmark with flowers, spring and chocolate


A bookmark that combines your love of flowers, spring and chocolate. That sounds like the perfect combination, right? The three things mentioned above are the best medicine at those times when you feel a little sad or glum. So get this bookmark from your bookshelf at a time when you could use an uplifting quote. At the same time, grab a romantic, fantasy or suspense book from your book stack and make yourself comfortable. Want to bet that after reading a few pages in your favorite book, you already feel a little better?

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A bookmark, books, chocolate and spring: that’s all you need

You often don’t need much to become cheerful. A bookmark, flowers, books, spring and chocolate nearby make you comfortable. You’ll be reminded of that by this bookmark with two printed sides. One side contains the quote Chocolate, spring & books are the best medicine which is surrounded by colorful flowers and a view of a book. The illustration on the other side contains some larger flowers and makes for a bright ensemble. This bookmark is a spring must-have for any lover of books, flowers and chocolate. Shop it for yourself or give the bookmark as a gift to someone.

Additional information

Weight 7 g
Is made from

Nice sturdy paper (350 gsm)


Firmly packed in a cardboard envelope


7.4 x 21 cm


Front and back are printed



Note: the actual colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


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