Trendy birth cards for the birth of your child

Trendy birth announcements for your little one. With that, I can help you. Based on your wishes, I will design a unique and personalized card to celebrate the birth of your child. Get the hippest birth announcements made by me.

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Make the birth special with trendy birth announcements

With trendy birth announcements, you can celebrate the birth of your little miracle with family and friends. The birth of a child is one of the most special events in a parent’s life. Of course, you want to celebrate this in a way that suits you: by sending a trendy birth announcement card with a personal illustration.

Unlike traditional birth announcements, trendy birth announcements offer a modern and unique look. They are available in a variety of styles, designs and formats, offering plenty of options for choosing a card that perfectly suits the new parents’ personality and tastes.

Examples of hip birth announcements

Your own trendy birth announcement with illustration

You are prospective parents of your baby and are looking for a matching trendy birth announcement card. Nowadays, it is possible to have birth announcements made online anywhere. Often these are standard designs. Therefore, I am going to work with you to create your own design. That way you will have the hippest birth announcement!

Have a trendy birth announcement card made!

What is a trendy birth announcement card?

Trendy and hip birth announcements look different. Each person is unique, which is why it is important that the birth announcement really fits your child. Think carefully about what style suits your little miracle. Of course, I am happy to think about this as well. Trendy birth announcements can be in one of the following styles or themes, for example:

  • Minimalist and elegant (timeless): little fuss, just a nice simple illustration
  • Colorful and eye-catching: animals, jungle, flowers, forest
  • Modern and trendy: crazy shapes, unusual color combinations, hot air balloons or anything else that is totally on trend at the moment
  • Neutral: unisex, suitable for boys and girls, without pronounced colors

''A beautiful personal design with lots of character.''

Lianne Zwiers

Designing trendy birth announcements

Trendy birth announcements I design in stages. By having good contact with you, I get a complete picture of your wishes for the birth announcement. Once I know exactly what you guys want, I’ll get to work. I always start first with a sketch based on the wishes discussed. I then submit this sketch to you. This way I can be sure that the illustration matches your expectations.

With your approval, I develop the sketch into a digital illustration. I also submit these to you, after which I make any minor adjustments. Finally, you can circulate the illustration as a digital file. It is also possible to have me print the cards for you to easily send the trendy birth announcement card.

Order a trendy design for a birth announcement card

I’m happy to go to work for you! Request a quote from me for trendy and trendy birth announcements. For the birth of your baby boy, girl, twins (or maybe even triplets), I lovingly create a beautiful illustration. So you can send the trendy birth cards to all your loved ones to celebrate the arrival of your baby.

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