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You are moving and want a moving card and not one that everyone already knows. You want to put that personal touch in it so all your friends know you’re moving and where to. I can arrange that for you. Check out some examples below and read on to see what all is possible.

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Examples of unique moving cards


A card that suits you?

You’re moving, that’s a special event and with that comes a special moving card, a unique moving card.

I have extensive experience in creating unique moving cards. The cards are completely customized and designed to your requirements. Objects, people and/or animals it is all possible, everyone will know you are moving.

Have your unique moving card made!

Getting a unique moving card designed, how does it work?

You want to have the moving card designed, which is what I like. I design the moving card based on our agreements and the material provided.

When everything has been discussed I go to work. First, I make a rough sketch of what I have in my mind for the moving card. You will be shown this sketch and we can then build on this.

After any minor changes, the sketch will be worked out on the computer. After digitizing, of course, all your friends still need to receive the unique moving card. This means the moving card must be printed.

You can arrange the printing of the moving card yourself or I can also arrange this for you. In fact, for printing, there are quite a few things to think about. Such as paper type, paper thickness and perhaps a fun closing sticker.

If you choose to arrange it yourself, the digital version of the moving card will be sent via mail.

Moving card example

''Anouk made an illustration of our new house. He is completely satisfactory and she thought well of it!''

Kim van der Pol

Your unique moving card

You are moving and you want to send a unique moving card in the process? Contact me so we can make this happen together.

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